How to Remove Genital Warts Yourself at Home

Genital warts can cause a great deal of pain and even embarrassment to sufferers. This type of wart is a rather common STD (sexually transmitted disease), caused by HPV (the Human Papilloma Virus). Irrespective of the symptoms being light or severe, the itching, discomfort and pain caused by genital lesions are unpleasant and could have a huge impact on intimacy issues with your partner as well as affecting your life in general.

There is a certain social stigma attached to STDs (sexually transmitted diseases) and that is precisely why so many sufferers prefer to get rid of genital warts by treating themselves at home with over the counter treatments. Another factor that influences sufferers to rather choose to remove the lesions naturally, is the fact that although there are many surgical procedures available for wart removal, many of these can be highly painful and may leave scars behind. No male wants to have permanent scars on their penis, and no female relishes the thought of having painful surgical procedures performed inside her vagina.

What kind of natural, home remedies are available for removing HPV genital warts?

There are quite a few natural home remedies that have proven to be highly effective when it comes to reducing itching, inflammation and pain. These treatments are also able to quicken the healing process as well as restricting further outbreaks.

  • Wartrol: There is one over the counter treatment using natural ingredients that stands head and shoulders above all the others and that is Wartrol, a homeopathic wart treatment that eliminates genital warts extremely effectively by attacking the actual roots of the warts. It is formulated with FDA approved ingredients, has absolutely no side effects whatsoever as it’s a natural treatment, and is an extra strength formula that will eliminate even the most severe cases of genital warts in both men and women. You can learn more about it on the homepage.
  • Epsom salts: The use of Epsom salts can actually be very effecting in reducing the further outbreak of genital warts, as well as reducing the pain. Simply add a cup of Epsom salts to a hot bath and lie back to soak the infected area for around 20 minutes each day. Be warned that the lesions may sting a little at first. This treatment will also clean the genital region and will help to reduce infection and inflammation. For optimum results, try adding a pinch or two of baking soda to your bath water.
  • Tea Tree Oil: Tea tree oil is actually a great natural antiseptic and can be extremely effective for treating genital warts. Apply the oil to the infected area with a cotton bud or Q-tip. This treatment should be applied directly to the lesions two or three times a day. If the warts are just too painful to the touch, then use an eyedropper and drip the oil onto the warts. Tea tree oil is soothing to the skin and won’t create any side effects. This certainly won’t be a 100% effective cure, but many sufferers have found this to be a soothing relief from itching and pain, as well as reducing inflammation.
  • Other Herbs: There are various other home remedies and herbal extracts that are available for the treatment of HPV genital warts, such as aloe Vera juice, resins, apple cider vinegar, Thuja oil, topical genital wart cream and so on. Most of these have proved to be successful on a very small warts.

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